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Singer / Songwriter/ Rocker

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Now songwriter and leader of his own band "Dougie Burns & The Cadillacs"

Dougie has also been one half of the Acoustic Blues Duo Bluebelly for around 15 years. He has toured with Seasick Steve and supported many artists including Albert Lee, Iain McNabb, Nine Below Zero, Dona Oxford  and many others.

Toured the UK extensively appearing at festivals from Looe in Cornwall to Belladrum in the Scottish Highlands.

Dougie is a music journalist and outside the Covid-19 Pandemic shutdown writes a fortnightly column for the  North of Scotland’s newspaper The Press and Journal.

Also outside the lockdown Dougie hosts a very successful  monthly acoustic music gathering in the Velocity Cafe , Inverness which he has been running for over 6 years. This acoustic music gathering attracts guests locally and from all over the world.During the lockdown he has been continuing to host this music via Facebook Live with the page "Velocity Cafe Acoustic Music Night" which now has over 700 members. Dougie presents the show weekly from home. This show has guests from all over the Highlands , throughout the UK and the United States. Performances are stored on the page and Dougie and all of his guests can be seen by all visitors to the page. 

Dougie is also available for house concerts when this is allowed again.

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"The Cadillacs are a interesting and likeable collective with a real gutsy bluesy rock and roll"

Inverness Gigs

"Interplay within the band and general camaraderie which makes a Cadillacs’ gig an immersive experience. Lesley Graham’s backing vocals act as a perfect foil for Dougie’s vocal and Ali Davies’ harmonica and James Younie’s sax weave through the set with freedom. Title track ‘Keep Your Mad Hat On’ in many ways sums up the band. In true party spirit hats were passed around through the band and beyond cementing the fun aspect of the performance. Enthusiasm extended to the very receptive audience and this was a prompt to edge the tables back and get the dancing into full flow. The night though was about an album launch and on my return home I took the opportunity to give it a listen. When I did it all fell into place. The venue was really like a big house party and this is the overall feeling that the Iain McLaughlin produced album evokes. By the time you get to ‘Confidentially Wasted’ you can feel the drunken end of night waltz setting in. At six tracks it would appear initially to be on the short side but there is no filler on here and each track captures the essence of the Cadillacs. The overall vibe of the album was that of the atmosphere at the launch. Each track brought you back to the Glen Mhor Hotel. There is something quite old school about that feel and it’s a captured recording that gives the true flavour of the live act. If I was hosting a house party with a live band, and a living room big enough to accommodate them, I’d be on the phone to Dougie."

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Frank Finlayson

Title track ‘California Cadillac’ is a belter of a blues tune

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Toby Stainton

Before the festival, if you had told me by the third band in and without the help of alcohol I would be jamming along to an American style country/ rock and roll band I would probably have laughed in your face. However, that was exactly what happened when we returned to the 'Potting Shed' stage and were met by 'Dougie Burns & The Cadillacs.' The stage was way overcrowded, I didn't note down the exact number of bodies up there making sound, but it was definitely a very large band in numbers and in sound. The last song the band played 'California Cadillac' was stuck in my head for most of the weekend, and even driving home down the A9 I caught myself singing it. The set was topped off by a fantastic harmonica solo which saw the player dance his way through the crowd with a wireless mic, I've never seen someone 'shred' on a harmonica but this guy could.

Marc Sinet

Susan Welsh

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Dougie Burns - California Cadillac

Summerhouse Sessions with Dougie Burns

Dougie Burns and the Cadillacs -Driving In A Cadillac, Belladrum - crowd dancing


Want to learn more about Dougie Burns, his music, and his tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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