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Didn't Go To Texas so Recorded a New Album

Well most folks who know me will know Davy Cowan and I did not manage to get to Texas. This was caused by a whole series of Visa problems, not of our doing, which meant that we would not be allowed into Texas. It's a long story and I will not get into it in this public blog but we were very disappointed and lost a fair bit of money.

Hey Ho!

However in order to salvage our broken spirits Davy suggested that he could record and produce some songs for me that I have been writing over the last year or so. We got together at Chez Cowan in Invergordon and started to record some stuff . The session went really well and the both of us really hit it off, the upshot of all this camaraderie being that I now have 10 tracks recorded and possibly another one or two in the pipeline for recording soon. Davy has contributed so much of his time to this project and I will be eternally grateful to him for this. He has also played Bass and various other things on this and has proven to be a dab hand at programming the toys that modern musician have at their fingertips . He tells me (modestly) that I'm doing him a favour by getting him practice at learning how to use all his studio and computer software gear but I am still very grateful for his work and his continued enthusiastic support.

Ok that's enough about that waster.

The new album as its turned out to be becoming is a little bit of a different sound for my music. It has a definite Rock n Roll feel on some tracks but an even more country/ folk feel coming from Davy's welcome influences. I am posting a rough and unfinished mix of one of the songs to let folks hear how things are going and why I am so positive about this project.

The song "Martha" is about my Mum. I remember when my brothers and I were young and out on the town she would sit up in bed reading her book and never went to sleep until we were all in. Only when I became a parent myself did I really understand what was actually going on . She still waited up when I was in my forties !!!

Anyway the songs on the album are all special to me there's a lot about family and emotion and fairly personal insights which only really become apparent when I listen to them together in one place.

My Dad was a painter and decorator to trade and I have a working title for the thing of "Overcome By Emulsion" Might change I don't know.

I hope you like this new song and I hope you will all share the link to it with as many people as possible.

The album will be released as soon as we can get it all done , kitchen sink and all.

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